Sinsational Smiles brings back that desired white sparkle to your teeth.

Sinsational Smile® In-office Whitening

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A beautiful smile not only affects the eye of the beholder, it boosts your self-confidence too. But have yellowed or stained teeth kept you from flashing a fearless smile? Well, now you can bring back that confidence and brilliance with Sinsational Smile®.

Sinsational Smile® is a fast, effective teeth whitening system professionally administered by your dentist. It works with a specially designed gel that contains a unique ingredient to accelerate the whitening process when exposed to LED light. In as little as 20 minutes you can have a noticeably brighter smile.

Most people need only one treatment, but depending on your level of staining and your desired shade of whitening, you may find you want additional sessions. And keep in mind that certain foods and habits can affect the longevity of your whitening. Red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, and certain medications can shorten the life of your bleaching. Also Sinsational Smile® will not affect the color of fillings, crowns or veneers.

Your dentist can provide you with a Sinsational Smile® touch-up pen to help extend the time between treatments to ensure you always have a uniformly dazzling smile. Your custom bleaching tray used in the initial bleaching can be taken home to use along with the whitening pen for easy 15-20 minute treatments.

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