Cosmetic Dentistry

Relax, sit back, and allow the experts at Dr. Tavoularis’ dental office to give you a smile that shines brightly for all to see. No matter what your cosmetic dental need, there’s a good-looking option available for you. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you have complex cosmetic needs, Dr. Tavoularis can complete an extensive reconstruction of the entire mouth, with crowns, bridges, and implants to restore function and beauty to your smile.

Porcelain Onlays

Teeth rarely fracture in a perfectly predictable way. Sometimes a break is too big for a filling, but not big enough for a crown. Porcelain onlays provide an excellent solution for teeth that need extra reinforcement without being covered entirely.  Bonded into a place, they provide years of natural feel, function, and esthetics.

Smile Rejuvenation

Smile rejuvenation by Dr. Tavourlaris can offer you dazzlingly perfect teeth through a non-surgical process. It’s a method that that will alter the shape and color of your teeth with little-to-no discomfort.


Bonding can easily repair decayed, chipped or fractured teeth using a moldable, tooth-colored material. The cosmetic dentistry specialists at Dr. Tavoularis’ office ensure you will have a superior look and fit with their expertise and experience.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers provide an artist's touch to your smile.  Custom-crafted, these ultra-thin porcelain creations work in magical ways. Regardless of your vision for your smile, chances are veneers offer an answer. When today's modern materials meet our passion for cosmetic excellence, you'll be amazed at what you see smiling back at you in the mirror.

Tooth Whitening

Imagine walking out of our office with a bright new smile, and leaving years of coffee, tea, tobacco and other yellow stains behind. A simple visit reclining in the comfort of a modern dental chair can give you a new confidence. Visit our smile whitening page to learn about our sinsational smile whitening treatment.

  • "Easy and comfortable experience, the friendly staff try to get to know you and perform their duties quickly without seeming to hurry. All in all they try to make a dental visit an experience to look forward to."
    — Randol C.
  • "Such a pleasure. Everyone in the office is fantastic.... so friendly and professional."
    — Judy I.
  • "As always, my experience was excellent at Dr. Tavoularis' office. The people are all very polite and helpful. The hands are gentle and everything is explained thoroughly. Options are given and explained so to make an informed choice. I appreciate them very much."
    — Elizabeth C.